Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lucy and Emmy

I got Lucy and Emmy's newborn pictures back that were taken by the very talened Jill Aponte. I love every single picture. I had to share.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Long overdue

I have been meaning to update my blog for the past 4 weeks, but it just hasn't seemed to make it to the top of my priority list. At least I have a good excuse. Actually, I have two good excuses...Their names are Emmy and Lucy :)
Emmy and Lucy were born on October 17, 2011. I was scheduled to go in for a c-section on the 18th but after a non-stress test showing I was in labor the day before we had to go straight to the hospital and they were delivered an hour later! Lucy weighed in at 5 lbs. 6 oz. and Emmy weighed 5 lbs. 10 oz. They are now 4 weeks old and doing great. We were so fortunate to bring them home and not spend any time in the NICU. Here are some pictures from the past few weeks.Emmy's first bath at the hospitalLucys first bathEmmy relaxing after her bath
Lucy all cleaned up
Me and the girls

We just love these girls and feel so blessed to have them in our home. Plenty more pictures to come! They got their newborn pictures taken by Jill Aponte when they were only a few days old and are the most adorable pictures! Check out a preview at her website

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lots going on...except I'm still pregnant.

I'm trying to keep myself busy and not think about when I will actually have these babies. I am 35 weeks now, and let me tell you these baby girls have taken over my body! Maybe I will post a picture before I deliver.
Besides from trying not to count the days until these girls make their debut we have been busy. We are all back home now. Woo hoo! The boys are moved into a room together and have bunk beds and they love it. Jaxon started kindergartenHe loves it. I'm pretty sure the best part of his day is riding the bus. I never thought riding the bus could be so exciting. He is doing great in school, although he had to be separated already from a friend for talking too much.
Another blog worthy moment in Jaxons life is getting a booster seat.I post this only because I could have saved this for Christmas it was THAT exciting to him.

Crew started preschool at Miss Paulas and he usually loves it. Yesterday when he got dropped off his teacher said "good morning Crew." His reply, "I'm not talking to you." Nice. Good thing he is so cute.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is this day over yet?

Let me give you a rundown on my day today.
It started at 5 am (thanks Crew)

This is the sink that a nameless (see above) child made into his own personal hot tub and overflowed this morning.

This is the gum that the same child ripped into while in line at the store. That same gum ended up smeared all over his car seat and body while driving home.(yes i let him have piece...I've been up since 5) His gum privileges are gone.

This is a result of that same sweet, child trying to find just the right shirt to change into when we got home.

Not pictured: The knife he he grabbed out of the dishwasher because he thought it would be a cool sword. Luckily I was right there. It's not even 2 pm.
I feel like I'm taking care of one mess while he's creating another!
Please tell me you have days like this.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Last Visitors of the Summer

We had our final round of visitors for the summer. First Sara and her boys came over for a few days while Doug came here for work. We packed a lot in those few days and sure had fun having them here! The pool, the beach, ice cream, legoland, and even squeezed a little shopping in with all five boys in tow.

Crew and Mikey are quite the duo. They are going to be best friends someday, they just don't know it yet! They kept Sara and I on our toes :)
Mikes parents came and we all headed to Legoland.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Wilder for coming to visit! We love having you here.

Last but not least Jaxon and Crew started swim lessons last week, I love going to watch them and see how they improve each day.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One big Party

My kids have no sense of reality right now. This summer has been one continuous party for them so far. A few weeks ago the Littlefields came to visit us and we were able to go to the Yankess/Angels game and Seaworld. We had tons of fun and miss our good friends! Three days after they left my parents came to visit and we did another two days at Disneyland. The boys got spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa with a trip to Build a Bear and of course tons of love and attention. I love having my parents visit and I am always sad when they have to leave. A few days later was Mikes 30th Birthday and Fathers Day. Jaxon was a big help making the cake and helping make that day special for Mike. Here are some pictures of all the festivities!

I think the summer is going to have to start slowing down for me, I seriously felt crippled after the 2nd day at Disneyland. Took me days to recover.

Wow, I definitely didn't post pictures of this Birthday cake to show off my cake making skills...ha ha!