Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Seattle so far...

We have been in Seattle visiting Grandma and Grandpa Hawke the past week and a half and have been so busy but have had so much fun! Jaxon has already told me he just wants to stay here. He doesn't want to go back to Dallas. There's lots of pictures, so here we go:

We went hiking up to a place called Twin Falls. Jaxon was a champ and walked almost the whole way. Grandpa was an even bigger champ and carried Crew in the backpack, while sometimes holding Jaxon...they cannot get enough of their grandpa!

Since we have been in Seattle our good friends Meegan and Keaton came to visit. Jaxon was beyond excited to have Keaton to pal around with. I'm pretty sure we packed in as much as we possibly could while they were here. By the end of their trip I think we all felt like we could sleep for three days straight...and I'm sure Meegan and I would have, but why is it that no matter how tired kids are they still get up at 6:30?

A good friend of ours is a fire chief and brought over his truck with lights and intercom and let the boys try on his gear.

Our first day we headed to the Pacfic Science Center and IMAX theater downtown. The boys had tons of fun despite what seemed to be field trip day for all the surrounding schools in the Seattle area. Crew sat out on this trip, he was able to spend some quality time with Grandma at home.
The boys getting ready to go to the Pacific Science Center. I seriously can't tell you how cute these two were the whole trip!
Testing their strength :)
Waiting in line for the space simulater-I was sure that Jaxon was having a panic attack inside and there was nothing I could do. But to my surprise they were all smiles when the ride opened up!

A little water play

Jaxon's favorite exhibit was the dinosaurs. He kept saying he wanted to ride one.

They had a cool butterfly house.
Muscle men at the circus exhibit.
After the Science Center we took the monorail and headed over to another part of town to get some lunch. Jaxon LOVED riding the monorail and still talks about how "so super fast" it is

Day two was the Point Defiance Zoo.

These animals were the favorites for my boys...Dory, Nemo, and the walrus that kept swimming right up to the window where we were standing.

Although Crew really is more concerned about what snacks we have to accompany his trip to the zoo.

The boys watching one of the animal shows.
Meegan and I were able to go downtown one day by ourselves and do some shopping and wander around Pikes Market. I love downtown!

A few more things we were able to do:

Smores in the backyard. My dad was offering free lessons to anyone on how to cook a perfect marshmallow. Keaton humored him.

We headed downtown to see the Fremont troll under the bridge. The boys loved it. We couldn't really get very good pictures because there was also some people putting on a free performance of scenes from Shakespeare under the bridge. I mean why wouldn't you act out Shakespeare under a bridge in front of a Troll???...gotta love Seattle!
We ended Keaton and Meegans trip to Seattle with a trip to Dicks Drive In...mmmmm.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


We all went to Oregon last week for Travis and Aly's wedding. They made such a beautiful couple and it was fun to have the entire Wilder family together! Congrats Aly and Travis...Here are some of the wedding pictures taken by Paul Cleaver (Nicoles dad) He did a great job! I had to throw in the one of Crew enjoying the food..of course!

Mike and I at the reception

The boys and I were able to stay for awhile after the wedding and spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Wilder. The highlight of the trip was going to McMinnville to the air and space museum.
They had a interactive area that the boys loved with games and airplanes they could sit in.

Jaxon concentrating really hard to impress the ladies with his cordination at one of the games games...I tihnk she was impressed.
They even had a airplane ride that I'm pretty sure the boys would have stayed on all day.

To see all of Travis and Aly's wedding pictures go to