Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lots going on...except I'm still pregnant.

I'm trying to keep myself busy and not think about when I will actually have these babies. I am 35 weeks now, and let me tell you these baby girls have taken over my body! Maybe I will post a picture before I deliver.
Besides from trying not to count the days until these girls make their debut we have been busy. We are all back home now. Woo hoo! The boys are moved into a room together and have bunk beds and they love it. Jaxon started kindergartenHe loves it. I'm pretty sure the best part of his day is riding the bus. I never thought riding the bus could be so exciting. He is doing great in school, although he had to be separated already from a friend for talking too much.
Another blog worthy moment in Jaxons life is getting a booster seat.I post this only because I could have saved this for Christmas it was THAT exciting to him.

Crew started preschool at Miss Paulas and he usually loves it. Yesterday when he got dropped off his teacher said "good morning Crew." His reply, "I'm not talking to you." Nice. Good thing he is so cute.