Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

I had intentions to do a post on George the Elf but things just got too busy and blogging was not high on the list of priorities. So we are moving on to Christmas and George the Elf will just have to wait for his introduction next year.
We had such a great Christmas. Here are a few of the highlights:

-My mom and dad came home from Australia after being there for 6 months.

-The Hawke family Christmas party.

-We rode the Polar Express in Heber, Utah (Jaxon was in HEAVEN!)

-My parents, Cory and Tara came and spent Christmas with us at our house.

-We ate a lot of good food.

-Crew was most excited about a pack of pink gum he got in his stocking on Christmas day...who knew?!

- We went and saw Temple Square lights with Mikes family and friends.

-Jaxon singing Christmas carols-he still has not stopped.

-My sister in law Lauri announced she is pregnant and we all couldn't be happier!

-My mom put the ham in the oven Christmas day only to find out later that the foil wrapped ham was in fact a ball of sugar cookie dough I WAS going to bake... it was worth the laugh!

Here are some pictures of all the happenings:

The Hawke family Christmas party was a Polar Express party complete with Santa visiting and reading us the Polar Express, great food and a pinata for the kids. Oh, and Crew picked his nose almost the entire time he was on Santas lap...so proud to call him mine! :)

Temple Square-Jaxon and Taylor had their arms locked together the entire time and looked adorable. We attempted a family picture, it's kind of blury, but it's all we got.

The Polar Express-They served us hot chocolate, cookies, Santa and Mrs. Claus came and visited, the boys loved it!

Christmas Eve and Day

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Santa, and other serious things.

Anyone that has been to our house lately will see that Christmas is in full swing around here. Mostly because that is all Jaxon can talk about, dream about, breathe, eat, etc. We are watching Christmas movies, reading Christmas books, listening to Christmas music, and counting down the days. Jaxon has asked me to help him make paper snowflakes like Elf the past three days. He has become very inquisitive about how Santa comes down the chimney and through the fireplace without breaking the glass. He also is very concerned that we don't turn on the fireplace because it could burn Santa's bag of toys.

Last weekend we headed downtown to see Santa. Not only did we see Santa, but we went on a Elf hunt. The kids had to find the Elf on a Shelf in different stores downtown and get a card punched. Once they found the elves they were able to redeem their card for a free toy at the toy store. We went on a horse drawn carriage ride and Santa came for the tree lighting ceremony and passed out elf hats to the kids. It was a lot of fun, even if it was FREEZING cold out.

I love this last picture of Crew. We stopped for some hot chocolate and he sat in this chair sipping his hot chocolate and stared out that window the entire time...just enjoying his thoughts I guess.

Coming Soon: George the Elf

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Festivities

I decided I was going to step it up this year for Halloween. So I had a dinner planned with all sorts of cute treats and decorations, we were going to go to Boo at the Zoo, and to the church carnival. And then it hit...THE FLU! Instead we have spent the last few days with both boys sick, so my plans of putting a little more into this holiday went out the window. We were able to at least go around the block and trick or treat. Jaxon sure played the part of a pirate saying...."Ahoy Matey! Arrrrr, give me a treat!" (so polite, right?) And Crew was the cutest dragon I have ever seen!

And some other pictures from the pumpkin patch and Mike and Jaxon carving them, or "starving them" as Jaxon would say.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

October so far

Last weekend we headed out to do some fishing with the boys. We didn't have much luck catching any fish, but the boys had so much fun getting dirty, eating McDonalds breakfast and throwing rocks in the water, who needs fish right? We went with our friends the Littlefields and Jason caught a few, so Jaxon was able to hold one...poor fish almost didn't survive Jaxon trying to throw him back in the water!