Saturday, February 7, 2009


We had Jaxon and Crews birthday party Friday night. I can't believe Jaxon is three and Crew is one! Of course it was a truck theme. (I cannot take credit for the decoration ideas, I copied my friends sisters blog...shhh. But I will take credit for the cute birthday boys!) Jaxon and Crew LOVE their wagon. They have been sitting in it ever since, thanks Grandmas and Grandpas! Mike also surprised Jaxon and me with some fish. There are a TON of pictures but Meegan did such a great job on them i don't want to leave much out. Thanks again Meegan! Here they are kind of in backwards order.

so excited for his all his friends to be there

what a cute birthday boy

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Just had to post a few pictures of the boys after they had to get blood drawn for some allergy sad. We know for sure that Crew is allergic to peanut butter after he broke out all red and blotchy and in hives after one bite so we thought we should get him tested to see if there are any others and how severe the peanut one is. Jaxon has also been breaking out in hives on his face after eating random things so we can't really tell what he may be allergic to. So we thought we would get him tested as well.