Sunday, March 30, 2008

What's been going on

Well it seems like it's been quite eventful the past week for us. We FINALLY moved into our new house and lovin' it. I will post pictures soon. We moved in a day before Easter so I felt like I wasn't able to really prepare much for Easter, but I was able to get a few pics of Jaxon going through his Easter basket. He liked finding a few eggs hidden at the new house. Then both sides of the family came in this weekend for Crews blessing. So there are a some pictures of that. We loved having everyone here and wish it could have been a longer weekend.
Checkin out the goods

Not too shabby..
Candy...even better

Crews blessing

NOW the family picture is complete

My Boys

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One Cute Thing

I just have to write really quick and tell you Jaxons latest thing. This is probably more for grandparents and family, but hey maybe others will find this funny. As you know Jaxon LOVES the movie Cars. Well his latest obsession is watching the music video to Life Is A Highway by Rascal Flatts because that song is in the movie Cars. So now he goes around the house singing..."Life is a highway....all night long...a highway!" So funny! If I sing the lines "Life is a highway" He responds-"all night long!" He cracks me up!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Ok I liked this tag. I've been tagged to write Eight things about Jaxon and Crew. I need to save these for my own memory.

1. His favorite foods are chicken nuggets and fruit snacks, in fact he asked for chicken this morning for breakfast. He was very upset to see cereal and yogurt put in front of him. Whats wrong with chicken nuggets in the morning?
2. His favorite movie of all time is still Cars, I think he can quote all the lines in it before they come.
3. Some of his favorite pastimes..flushing the toilet, finding anything with a button on it and pushing it, opening and shutting doors...over and over....
4. He would much prefer being outside any time, even if it means being in the snow, rain, or -20 degree weather...why do we live here?
5. He is two years old and still doesn't even weigh 25 pounds...oh ya, he's in the first percentile for weight. Maybe I should be feeding him chicken nuggets for breakfast.
6. He loves to dance, but is very embarassed if we watch him.
7. He can spot a tractor, train, or truck from a mile away. Cars, trucks, trains, tractors, anything with wheels are his obsession.
8.He loves being in PJ's He is always asking for "jammies" and when I get him dressed in the morning he asks..."Is that jammies?"


1. Crew is going to be much bigger than Jaxon at the rate he is growing (not hard I know) But he has such adorable little rolls on his thighs. He is only 7 weeks and in 3-6 month clothes
2. His newest trick- SMILING...YaY!
3. He still has blue eyes, but we will see what happens. How do two people with brown eyes have only blue eyed kids?
4. He is addicted to the binky. It is quite a problem when he cant keep it in his mouth...ALL night.
5. He is always grunting...he sounds like a little lamb.
6. He is now sleeping 6 hrs at night...WOOT WOOT!
7. I think his hair is thinning out....
8. He still loves to be swaddled really tight.
Jaxon and Crew tag Camryn and Brooklyn...DO IT!