Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family Reunion

After our visit in Oregon and Washington the boys and I flew down to Utah with my parents for a family reunion. The reunion was in Southern Utah at a ranch in the middle of nowhere (seriously...30 miles on a dirt road after you are already in the middle of nowhere.) I have mixed feelings about this trip...lets start with the not so good...rattlesnakes-we killed three while we were there! We started off with hot water. But after the carbon monoxide detector went off twice in our cabin, and some overwhelming propane smells we opted to NOT to die in our sleep and have cold showers... so we turned off the propane to our cabin. On the bright side, my boys had the absolute time of their life there. There were horseback rides, four wheeler rides,fishing, goats, dogs, cats, chickens, campfires, a playground, a slip n slide and plenty of dirt to play in. I think my kids need to live on a farm.

On our way to the ranch-this is the gas station that Crew had the craziest melt down at. I could NOT get him back in his car seat. There was a car full of people right next to ours just watching me struggle to get him in while he is screaming his head off. One of the guys turned to me and said "ah the sacred work of a mother..." mmmmhmmmmm. Just what I was thinking pal!

The Ranch:

Jaxon pretty much had a dog with him the whole time

Fishing with Uncle Alan and Grandpa

Bike rides from Uncle Cory and four wheeler rides with Grandpa

For Christmas last year my mom gave me a girls trip to go see Wicked, so after the family reunion in Utah my mom and I were able to get away for the weekend by ourselves and go see Wicked. It was amazing! I had so much fun, thanks mom!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This past month...

We flew from Dallas to Oregon for a wedding.
Drove from Oregon to Seattle.
Flew from Seattle to Salt Lake.
Flew from Salt Lake to St. Louis and back.
And FINALLY flew from Salt Lake back to Dallas.
My kids are confused and I'm exhausted.
Explanations and pictures to come...if I ever recover.