Monday, March 29, 2010

It's been way too long.

I'm pretty sure the very few readers I did have, have given up on my blog. But, here I go anyways...These last few months have been busy and full of change for us. Lets start off with January....Crew turned 2, and he is busy as ever! He is into everything! I am CONSTANTLY finding him with lotion, shampoo, hair gel, toothpaste etc. smeared all over his body. We tested out finger paints with the two of them and it soon turned into body paint (pictures below). It's a good thing Crew has the looks and personality, he is just too cute to get too mad at! February....Jaxon turned 4. He is preschool and loving it. He gave his first talk in church a few weeks ago and did great. When Mike told him to say "our prophet today is Thomas S. Monson" it came out "our prophet today is Thomas S. Monster" I thought MIke would never recover to help him finish the talk. I am trying not to be too long winded but there has also been some changes in the Wilder home. Mike has the opportunity to be a owner in a pest control company and quit his job...crazy, I know. But I am finally feeling good about things and looking forward to this adventure. Well, that about all for are some pictures of recent happenings in our house.

These were just too cute not to post...

The boys love finding new hiding spots in the house. By the way those are Jaxon's "rocket boots"-they make him fly just in case you were wondering.
P.S. My boys hate clothes. That is what they look like 90% of the time at home.