Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fun Weekend

We have had such a great weekend so far. Last night Mike and I celebrated our 5th anniversary (a week early) cause I will be in Seattle on our real anniversary...OOPS! So I surprised him with a night at Destinations in and we had so much fun. We went out to dinner to one of our favorite little places, the food was great, the hotel was great. No pics from our anniversary..of course not. WHY would I want to take any pictures? I really need to get better at that. But I did manage to remember to take my camera to the park. I love this picture

Crew and Mike enjoying the sun

Although Crew spent most of his time at the picnic table-eating is WAY better than playing

Jaxon on the other hand was very busy and wore Mike out chasing him around

Waiting for the merry go round and admiring the train

Pretty much an impossible task to get both boys looking at the camera at the same time

Jaxon with his treats from the Earth Day Celebration

Worn out after a long day. He loves to suck that finger!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


That is how many miles I ran the first weekend in April. I did my first half marathon in Provo, in the snow and wind. I wasn't too sure about how much fun I was going to have and the weather definitely didn't add to my excitement. But to my surprise I actually had a lot of fun. I ran with Mikes sisters Jessica and Lauri, his cousins Kristi and Ashlely and our sister in law Nicole. So here are some pictures.
P.S. Yes those are tu tu's we are wearing and yes we did wear them the entire race. My goal was to get under 2:30 and I came in at 2:24!
Before the race..getting ready
The whole group right before the race at the hotel
Nicole and I at mile 10 I think-She was nice enough to stay with me even though I know she could have kicked my butt!
All the Wilder girls after the race.